Thursday, May 1, 2014

Date Night

Yesterday the husband had a presentation and it went really well. To celebrate, we decided to head out to dinner instead of cooking. Luckily, we had a gift card thanks to my wonderful in-laws. After dinner, we finished off the night off with some spirits, a movie, and talking about all of our wonderful summer plans. Because my husband is normally far away from me I have learned to be particularly grateful for lazy evenings like this. 

What I'm Wearing? 

Calvin Klein Peacoat 

J Crew Multicolor Boatneck

J Crew Factory Skirt HERE

DKNY Tights 



I apologize for the handbag repeats this week, but I am currently living out of a suitcase and black just goes so well with everything. This is especially true with my winter wardrobe. Don't let the blossoming flowers behind me me fool you. It is really cold and really windy and raining here in Boston. 

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