Friday, May 30, 2014

May Budget-In & Out of Season

One of the best ways to keep my yearly clothing budgets down is to purchase things out of season..aka  when they are on clearance. For example, last summer I bought a pair of brown Frye boots at 75% off, saving hundreds of dollars. They would not have been in my budget otherwise and when the following Fall & Winter weather came around they were my go to pair of shoes. I will have these for years to come, and I feel much better wearing them knowing just how little they cost me. This year I was determined to find the perfect pair of black boots at the end of the winter season. I accomplished that and picked up a few more clearanced winter pieces in addition to grabbing some summer items.

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Clarks Plaza Beagle Riding Boot $54 Original $150: These Clarks are perfect for me; leather with a rounded toe and a gold zipper in-closure. I actually bought these at the very tail end of April while I was in Boston, so I got a chance to wear them here

Audrey Brooke Adele in Cognac by DSW $42 Original $70: I have been wanting a shoe like this for the last two years, but never found anything that I thought was nice in my price range. I had given up looking and that's when these dropped into my lap. They are chic and beautiful and make me feel sexy. That is my definition of the prefect shoe. See how I styled them here

Gap Luxlight Cardigan in Navy $11 Original $44.95: I bought this cardigan in yellow last month  and loved it so much that I picked it up in navy as well. It's a lighter shade of navy, which I love as opposed to "navy" items that actually look black. See how I wore this here

Old Navy Cable Knit Sweater in Charcoal $3 Original $29.95

Gap 1969 Tropical Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans $25 Original $69.95

Gap Tulip Skirt in Navy $19 Original $49.95: The perfect maxi skirt for the vertically challenged (I'm  5'2"). Since it isn't meant to completely touch the ground, I was able to order this online with confidence that it wouldn't be too long for me. Extra bonus-it has pockets. 

Kate Spade Finishing Touch Studs $21 Original $48: Yes I am aware that I could have picked up a perfectly good look a like for less than half this, but then my ears would fall off. Hopefully these work well with my super sensitive skin. If not, I know that I could easily sale them.

J Crew Embroidered Emblem Cap $15 Original $39.50: This cap looked green when I ordered it  but it's definitely more of a highlighter yellow in person. For some odd reason though I'm in love.

Total: $190

$1650 (Year) - $171(Jan) - $0 (Feb) - $232(March) - $357(April) - $190(May) = $700 remaining for the year


  1. oh wow, great finds! i love both boots and that cardi is super cute.

  2. I shop end of season for essential pieces for next year as well! There's always room in the closet for "essentials." Great score on the $3 Old Navy sweater!

  3. Yes Justine, that's one of the best ways to shop. Especially with winter items, because sweaters and nice boots can be so expensive in season. Why spend more when you don't have to right?