Monday, August 7, 2017

life lately :: juggling july

I can't think of any better way to describe July than as a juggling act. Looking back on this month, it seems as if it lasted forever and went by too fast all at once. Didn't end things on the best note with getting sick at the end of the month (probably from a lack of sleep leading to a weakened immune system), but overall, July was one for the books.
life lately july
Just a quick warning now, there are a lot of too cute pup pics in this recap. Literally half the pictures I took this month were of this sweet boy. We're just so happy to have him happy and healthy after this scare
this was a good month with me being able to visit Husband for a week and him being able to visit me for a week too.
 but it meant lots of flights for the both of us
maintaining a long distance marriage never seems to get any easier 
Tom was actually my patient while he stayed with me. We're both pleased with all the dental work I did and he ended up being the patient that put me over the top with getting the points I needed for dental school this semester 

date night 

and the best study spot that has a slide 
how adorable is PJ when he's sleeping? 
love this Westie pup 
date night with the Husband = sunflowers + ramen 

plus a show 
so glad we finally saw Wicked at the Boston Opera House
this one has been at the top of my broadway wish list forever 

went a little crazy getting to cook for two again, even made gourmet meals for breakfast 

stopping to smell the flowers! 

and the best mail day...seriously, I don't need any other stores in my life.

Boston Farmer's Market with Friends....Yes Please 

road-tripping it to Canada because why not drive 6 hours when it lands you here and you have this cutest lap dog on the road? 

Oh Canada!
just a little waterfall chasing
hikes & long strolls are always made better with this fur ball leading the way 
Missing from this recap are all the late nights, study sessions, jet-lagged days, and sore muscles from doing all the things all the time. I love my crazy hectic schedule, but it finally caught up with me with getting sick towards the end of the month and into August. But you know what, I'll happily chose to juggle any day if it means getting to have a month like this one filled with some many beautiful unforgettable moments in between doing the sometimes mundane things that make up life. 
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