Tuesday, August 1, 2017

neighbors to the north

The last time we visited Canada (VIDEO!:), it was a whirlwind bucket list kind of trip. We hung from one of the tallest buildings in the world, visited Niagara Falls from behind and above with a helicopter ride. We even had our hearts stolen by Toronto. But with all that, we haven't had a chance to make it back since.

This year Canada is celebrating their sesquicentennial, 150 years! And we thought we would help them celebrate. So Tom and I (and the pup) took the quickest weekend trip to French Canada with 3 days spent visiting Quebec City. Between travel, we enjoyed half a day in the city on either end of the trip and then one full day in between. I'll be sharing more details about our Canada trip later this week, but for today, I thought I'd share some random photos all from my iPhone.
canada 150
From Boston, it's only a 6 hour drive to Quebec City. Not the quickest, but still so doable with two drivers. Though if I'm honest, husband drove the whole way there. No worries, I helped on the way back. We were feeling all nostalgic on the drive thanks to getting to pass by some of our favorite spots in New England on the way.
driving white mountains
passing through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we drove right through Franconia Notch, which had us reminiscing about the time we camped and climbed the tallest mountain in the northeast  
driving white mountains
so excited to be driving through Vermont again on our way to C-A-N-A-D-A

We always pride ourselves on eating local when visiting a new place, but driving through the Canadian countryside didn't leave us with much options for food so we ended up at McDonald's. Ha! But can I say Canada's version is so much different & healthier than how we do things on the US side 
canadian mcdonald's
drive quebec
 prettiest view with finally arriving in Quebec City 
definitely worth the long drive
drive quebec
arriving at our cute hotel
port royal suites quebec
we loved the exposed brick in our hotel room, but loved this cute traveling pup making himself right at home even more 
port royal suites quebec
view from our room!
I think PJ enjoyed the window view more than Tom and I combined 
port royal suites quebec
I'm a sucker for a city on the water 
quebec city
also a sucker for chasing waterfalls; we got to visit and zip-line through Canada's tallest waterfall! (post coming soon) 
montmorency falls zip line
touring the city with this little French pup 
quebec city
who makes friends everywhere we go 
best part of Quebec City is the amazing coffee! 
I'm still having trouble adjusting back to the American Version 
canadian cappuccino
Quebec City is also known for all of its art
this city is covered with murals and sculptures 
quebec city
quebec city
even the parks are filled with art 
le promenade de samuel de champlain
best rainy day walk along the Promenade that wraps around the whole city
le promenade de samuel de champlain
 look at these views
it poured during our walk, but we didn't even care 
le promenade de samuel de champlain
seriously though, according to FitBit, we walked all the miles while visiting French Canada 
I think we averaged around 10 miles a day! 
We had the rainiest weekend in French Canada, which I personally think makes it even better. You were so good to us and I cannot wait to share more later this week. More coming on our visit to Quebec City, Zip-lining Montmorency Falls, and our weekend trip budget

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