Monday, December 11, 2017

Confessions of a Christmas-aholic

I'm obsessed with this holiday. And while I definitely recognize that the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate and acknowledge our savior, I can't help but love the side of Christmas that involves the jolly man in a red suit.  
But really...keeping live trees in our homes, watching for flying reindeer, adding a dash of tinsel to everything. It's all a little bit absurd, but is also a unique mix of so many traditions from different cultures all culminating to form our modern version of Christmas. Yes, I love it. And I'm explaining just how much with a few Christmas confessions. 

Confession: I own 37 pairs of Christmas socks, which would be outrageous enough on it's own, but I wear them year round. This way, I have a little bit of Christmas magic with me everyday.

Confession: I'm normally in a state of deep depression by December 28th. Crying and moping around because it's all over until the next year. But at least I have my Christmas socks!

Confession: I wanted to have a Christmas-themed wedding. The groom wasn't on board, but that wasn't the deal breaker for me. Ultimately, I decided I didn't want the stress of planning a wedding getting to impact Christmas in any way. But my Christmas-themed wedding is all planned on Pinterest, maybe a vow renewal?

Confession: I planned an entire trip around attending the National Gingerbread Competition. 

Confession: For my final project in my music composition course, I composed a Christmas song with sheet music for violin, cello, and piano. Then I convinced my orchestra mates to help me record the piece with lyrics sang by yours truly. All this went down during the month of May. What can I say? 

Confession: When I picked out my current sofa, I was torn between three colors. The deciding factor? The forest green would go best with my holiday decor. Who buys furniture based on matching it to their Christmas decorations? I do.

Confession: Back in August, I had a friendly chat with the store manager of my local craft store. They hadn't put out any christmas decor yet! Apparently before our talk, he was unaware that there were only 126 days until Christmas. You're welcome.

Now that I've shared how thoroughly crazy I am about this holiday, I'm off to do a little more holiday decorating. 

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  1. What a fun post! I am the same way, reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas is so important for us but it's hard not to have so much fun with all the other joys of the season. I love that you wanted a Christmas themed wedding! Sierra~Beautifully Candid