Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 year in review {VIDEO}

When I look back at this year I've had, I can't help but smile. Trust me, there have been plenty of upsets this facing failure, scary health issues with our pup (we almost lost him), having to continue a long distance marriage with my husband, and don't even get me started on grad school. It's definitely been a challenging year. But that's life in all its blessings and its grief. Overall, this year has been overwhelmingly filled with good compared to bad and I'm thankful for this beautiful life I've created.
So excited to share my annual review because it really puts all the best parts of the year into perspective. I did things a little differently this year by making a quick video. It was impromptu, but I'm loving how it turned out. I'm especially loving the song because it really feels like "I lived" this year fully. My only regret for 2017 is that we didn't film more of the year to include here. But I didn't decide to do this video until 3 days ago, Ha! Oh, and in case you want a bit more context for the video, there is a classic recap highlighting the best parts of each month below. For now, here's my 2017 year in review video! 





  • Celebrated my 28th birthday with a low key celebration because I'm both older & wiser
  • Spent the majority of the month focusing on dental school because the struggle is real 

  • Kicked off the month enjoying a belated birthday present with finally seeing WICKED on broadway! 
  • Then had a very frantic fourth that turned out to be nothing 
  • Decided to spend a little time with our neighbors to the north. Spent our time wandering around romantic Quebec City and realized that I adore French Canada. Love that we did this trip all on a budget
  • Also, got to zip-line along size Montmorency Waterfall---the tallest waterfall in Canada! 
  • And let's not forget learning the biggest lesson in dental school with realizing that every point counts





  • Oh November! Had to deal with a few rough days of dental school  before making this comeback 
  • We spent our Thanksgiving traveling all through Iceland with a winter road-trip, riding Icelandic ponies, chasing the northern lights, spelunking through a lava tube cave, and soaking in a geothermal pool. Wow! What a crazy 4 day adventure this was. Stay tuned--I will be sharing more on this adventure in January. 

As you can see, I've been spoiled with having the best year despite all the hardships! So I'm holding extra tight to 2017 during these last few days because who would ever want to see a great year like this one end? More details with a monthly recap can be found below:  

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