Sunday, December 17, 2017

it's christmas card time!

With only 7 days until Christmas, we finally got our holiday cards out! Had the quickest turnover to get these ordered, delivered, signed, and mailed back out all in less than a week. Ha! Time management at its finest. 

It seems that most couples/families sending out photo cards do a fun photo session to prep, but as a couple in a long distance marriage, the logistics of staging a photo would be a nightmare. So we always simply chose a photo that represents our year. 

Honestly, we've doing this out of convenience, but it turns out that it feels more authentic than posing for a photo. This year, we used a pic from our Alaskan Cruise that really captures one of the best moments of our year together. And I'm loving how our cards turned out. 

Also, I know that it shouldn't matter, but it's rare to find things featuring someone that looks like me. So I'm kind of in love with these holiday stamps of this little brown babe playing in the snow. 
 Made the 45 minute wait at the post office to get these a little more bearable. 
I almost didn't send cards out this year because it really is a dying tradition and can be so time consuming and costly, but its one I adore. I can't help but to love the idea of sending out beautiful paper cards full of holiday cheer. Even more, I love receiving them too. As someone who never ever throws a card away, I think it's worth the extra effort to let loved ones know you're thinking of them, especially during the holidays. So on that note, 
Happiest Holidays Ever Everyone. 

2016 Christmas Card

2015 Christmas Card

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