Wednesday, December 20, 2017

dental school lately: vol. 3

It's the last official day (finally!) before break and with it being the last term of 2017, it seemed fitting to share a an update of dental school life lately. 
I've been getting my butt kicked since the school moved our oral pathology final up by a week, added in an extra exam, and then cancelled said exam at the last minute after getting us all stressed out about it. So, it's been a rough few last weeks. But over except for one last assignment, so I'm here to share. 

Brushing up On
I have lots of comprehensive soap notes/write-ups to do on patients. These technically aren't due until graduation, but it's not something you don't want to get behind on because they accumulate as you go. I've watched seniors past stressed and struggling with these on their final days so I'm hoping that I can learn from their bad example and make a dent in mine over the holiday break. Though if I'm honest, I'm not too optimistic.

In the Classroom
Still have one last busy work assignment due today that I can't procrastinate anymore. Oops! My main focus these last few weeks has been finishing up my advanced oral pathology course. Happy to report that my final went well. 

In the Lab
Done with all my pre-clinical practicals for now, so nothing new to share, which is a good thing. Though I had hoped I would have some lab work to do for patients. While I don't love lab work, here's to hoping I have some more complicated patient cases soon. 

In the Clinic 
The greatest gift is...a smile! Proof of that is thanks to this sweet gift below from one of my patients. And see what my current schedule is like thanks to a day in the life of a dental student: sleigh decay
dental school life lately2
I've been spending most of my time lately in the pediatric clinic. I still find it stressful dealing with a scared crying kiddo, but it's getting easier too. And thankfully, Santa  (aka one of our professors) stopped by to make us all feel better and spread a little extra holiday cheer! 
dental school life lately1

This trimester felt like it would never end. It was a tough one to get through with our curriculum changing and adjusting to having exams and pre-clinical assignments, all while managing patients. Some weeks felt easy, while others felt impossible. But I'm just glad to be wrapping things up with this term and looking forward to some much needed rest before heading off to visit family for the holidays. More shares from this term linked below: 

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