Saturday, December 2, 2017

the christmas countdown!?

Now that it's officially December, we're all counting down to Christmas. Though I think most of us have probably been thinking about and prepping for the holiday season for months now. Or is that just me?
Even though I adore and love this holiday, I'm not actually counting down to Christmas day itself. Instead, I'm counting down to the day that husband and I can reunite. At this stage, we have lived apart 5X longer than we have lived together. And by live together, I mean, I'd be happy if we were in the same state as one another. So you could say that we're pretty used to this whole long distance thing. But that doesn't make it any easier. And it's during the holidays when I notice husband's absence the most. Over the years, we've literally coordinated visits around getting to decorate our tree together or do holiday shopping together. But more often then not, I always end up having to take care of things on my own. I haven't seen Tom since our Thanksgiving trip to Iceland. And while that certainly created some lasting memories to hold onto, I'm really looking forward to seeing Tom again and spending as much of the holidays together as we can.  

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