Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites 12.15.17

It's been a few weeks since I updated with a Friday Favorite, but its been that crazy around here. From our winter trip through Iceland to finishing up this semester of dental school to doing all the holiday prep, its been hard to have a moment to catch my breath. 

Still, I'm loving this holiday season, even if it does mean staying extra busy. Here's just a few moments that I'm enjoying from this week. 

Dental School & The Greatest Gift
I received the greatest gift from one of my patients earlier this week, which has reminded me of why I'm making so many sacrifices right now with attending dental school. While dental school is still kicking my butt, moments like this make it all worth it. 
I wanted to reflect my current schedule, including what it's like to take an exam on a live patient so recently shared a day in the life of a dental student and a fun update of dental school life lately

Christmas in Mexico & Iceland 
I love our annual Christmas tradition of trading in material possessions for the gift of an experience. I got to spend a little time this week sifting though our photos from Iceland, which I can't wait to share more of. In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of our Christmas in Iceland. Plus all the details from our itinerary and budget for last years Christmas in Mexico.

Long Distance Marriage
My true Christmas Countdown is coming to an end. Tom should be here later this weekend/early next week and I cannot wait. Its ALWAYS hard to be in a long distance relationship, but its especially tough during the holidays. Can't wait for us to reunite just in time for Christmas. 
Hope you all had a lovely week. I'm looking forward to a little girl time this weekend, finishing some lab work and projects before the semester finally ends next week, and hopefully getting our Christmas cards out before its too late. 

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