Friday, June 22, 2018

friday favorites 06.22.18

Seriously, you guys--what a week. A busy, crazy, hectic, amazingly good week. Normally, I'm counting down the days until Friday, but I loved everything about this week.

Surprised...with a New Car 
I think this may have a teensy bit to do with my good mood all week--rolling into clinic Monday morning in a brand new car. The fact that I was surprised with this beauty last weekend is still so incredibly unbelievable to me. I shared the sweet shocking story of how this all happened here. Beyond feeling thankful, I am relieved because my old car was in such bad shape. 

Baby Sister's Graduation 
At the end of last week, Tom came into town and we headed to my parents home to celebrate this Summa Cum Laude Grad! It was baby sister's high school graduation with a big blow out that most of my extended family was able to attend. It was nice to spend time with everyone all together and so needed.
We of course spoiled her with a ton of gifts, but these custom shoes were the biggest hit. I had a pair of Vans (her favorite shoes) painted with the logo University of Florida since she's bound for Gator Country! 
These shoes were all wrapped up in this fun DIY cap and mortarboard gift box.  This was a surprisingly easy DIY with a big WOW factor, here's a quick tutorial

Dental School 
As always, I have to do a quick little update on dental school this week. I've been in the emergency clinic all week and you just never know what you're going to see in there. Most interesting case so far this week was a tooth that was previously treated with a root canal. They put a screw style post (that we don't use anymore) in the tooth to hold it together, so of course it fractured when I went to pull the tooth and turned into a surgical procedure. I'm geeking out a little over here over the fact that you can literally see the gold screw hanging out of the tooth. 

Ok, that was my week so far. Since I've been out of town every weekend this month, I'm planning to stick around and catch up on some school work and packing for my next trip that's in a week. Though, I may head home to spend a little time with my sister. Hope everyone had a great week. 

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  1. Holy moly, that tooth is freaking me out (in a cool way!) I definitely don't see crazy things like that in my job haha congratulations to your sis on her graduation! SO exciting, and as a sister of a Gator Alum, Chomp Chomp!

  2. Yay to the new car! That would definitely be a good mood setter. Congratulations to your sister as well! Those custom shoes are so amazing. Ekkk I don't know how you do it with those teeth, but I am so thankful there are people who can become dentists. I hope you have a great weekend!! Sierra Beautifully Candid