Monday, March 2, 2020

february 2020//

February may be the shortest month, but felt like it went on forever. I'm definitely excited to be in March, but also wanting to still remember and soak up everything that happened in February that makes up life. 
Started the month with lots of art museum dates, lunch dates, and brunch dates. Super bowl party with friends and planning lots of spring and summer adventures. Unfortunately, we had a different kind of Valentine's Day this year, that was particularly heartfelt with the sudden lost of my grandmother. I had oral surgery with having my wisdom teeth removed and then had the worst allergic reaction to the medications. Made some big decisions about the direction of my career and tried to focus on the little moments. We celebrated Husband's 31st birthday and took advantage of a snow day this month. February may not have been the best or easiest month, but also was filled with so many little perfect moments that ultimately made it just right. 

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