Sunday, June 14, 2015

26th Birthday!

There's nothing like a birthday to make you feel special. I'm kind of in love with the concept of birthdays and I normally celebrate mine all month long, but with everything going on right now, I had every intention of making 26 a low key birthday. I failed miserably, but I couldn't be happier about it! This year's birthday celebrations involved lots of sweets and a whole lot of pink. It was kind of perfect and I really don't want it to end. Maybe I can convince Husband to celebrate half birthdays...

As soon as June hit, the best packages and cards started arriving at my door. And I'm kind of a sucker for a pretty card. Does anyone else have a keepsake box filled with cards? Because I do. 

Also, the best things ever come in navy blue packages thanks to Vineyard Vines and KJP! 

And I was in handbag heaven this year. These are all going to be perfect for the summer. Plus every preppy girl birthday should involve a little Lilly Pulitzer. So excited to be adding this print to my closet. 

After not having seen Tom for an entire month, it was amazing to have a whole weekend together celebrating my birthday with Husband. After a full day in clinic on Friday, I took a late flight to meet him in Boston. My flight didn't land until around midnight, which you guys know is way past my bedtime, especially when I'd been up since 4AM. I was persuaded to stay up a little longer with the lure of presents! 

These gifts were so beautifully wrapped that I was almost tempted not to open them. 
Opening gifts with wine and Lemon Cheesecake! I definitely stayed up late to play dress-up. 

Saturday meant sleeping in before we headed off to spend the day in Nantucket

Sunday morning was spent at one of our favorite places...Boston Public Garden. And anytime we are there, we have to walk over to Gaslight for Brunch. It's pretty much an unspoken rule that whenever Tom and I are together on a Sunday, brunch needs to be involved. The little French bistro Gaslight is one of our favorite Boston brunch spots, I was more than happy to have a Mimosa and my favorite dish ....the Croquete-Madame! 

My actual birthday was on Monday this year, which I was kind of bummed about. While I did have to be in school all day, I got to spend the evening having Sushi and FroYo with some of my favorites. Plus I came home to these beauties from the best Husband ever. A few dozen roses in the prettiest colors....yes please. 

I had the loveliest of birthdays and I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me celebrate. My Husband and both sets of parents definitely went out of their way to make me feel special this year. And thank you to all of my amazing friends and to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. I'm really looking forward to Year 26! 


  1. Ahh I'm having major handbag envy right now! ;) I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday!