Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Skinny Pineapple

After purchasing this pineapple skirt last summer, I pretty much fell in love with it. The fabric, the construction, the length...all perfect. And the print is adorable, but as of a couple of months ago it no longer fit. It was way too snug. Seriously I couldn't even move once I managed to get the thing zipped up. I started to add it to the sale pile, but I loved it too much to part ways so soon and decided to hold onto it for a little know just in case. Fast forward a few months and I've now lost 12 pounds (and counting). Imagine my surprise when I tried on this skirt a couple of weeks ago and it still didn't fit. Only this time it was too big! So it's been altered now to fit the new and improved me and this whole situation has got me feeling a little like a skinny pineapple. 

Blouse: Talbots|| Skirt: J Crew Factory|| Earrings: J Crew Factory|| 
Bracelet: J Crew Factory|| Sunnies: Target|| Bag: Lilly Pulitzer for Target|| 
|| Sandals: Lilly Pulitzer for Target|| 

Since I was already wearing a pineapple printed skirt, I figured why not accentuate it with matching pineapple sandals! 


  1. Sooo cute! Glad you didn't get rid of it! Those pineapple sandals were probably my favorite out of the Lilly for Target collection.

    1. The sandals are my favorite too, I still don't know how I managed to end up with a pair

  2. You look gorgeous as always!!!!

  3. I'm glad you kept it, you look great! And your confidence is shining through!