Monday, July 7, 2014

Downtown Savannah

During our first day in Savannah, we spent our time downtown. Savannah’s founder James Oglethorpe was a genius and mapped out the city into squares. This has allowed for expansion throughout the years, and for our sake it made the city extremely easy to navigate. So we parked the car and decided to explore on foot. 

My favorite part of the entire day was stopping in at the Paris Market. This shop was the perfect combination of modern and vintage. They sold everything from housewares to facial cream. They had quite the collection of antiques, including my favorite….teacups. I’m quite surprised that I managed to get out of there without going on a shopping spree.
Paris Market 

While I didn’t purchase anything in the store, I did stop in at their café where they were serving macaroons. Have I mentioned before that I love macaroons? So much so that they were parting favors at my wedding. I ordered a lemon macaroon and a salted caramel macaroon along with the White Wolf Tea. All of these lovelies were served to me on a vintage floral plate and in the most gorgeous yellow teacup and saucer. I love anything related to lemon, so the lemon macaroon was by far one of the best that I’ve ever tasted. This is not to say that the caramel macaroon wasn’t a show stopper too. The filling had chunks of caramel sauce throughout, making it really sweet. And hubby and I both agree, that the tea may have been the best we’ve ever tasted. If you are ever in Savannah, don’t skip this shop.
Paris Market 

Paris Market 

Paris Market 

We spent quite a bit of time in Paris Market, so after that it was time for lunch. As we (especially hubby) love beer, we headed to the Moon River Brewery for lunch. It wasn’t too humid out so we chose to eat in the beer garden and join some of the locals in watching the World Cup. 

Low Country Crab Melt & Sweet Potato Fries  

We ordered a flight of beer to maximize our microbrew sampling and there wasn’t one beer that we didn’t like. By far, my favorite was the Wild Wacky Whit. It was a wheat ale flavored with oranges and coriander. I could literally drink that all day. For lunch, we both had the special that day which was a crab melt. 

Once we started walking again, we were lured into the Savannah Bee Company shop for free honey tasting. There were about 15 different types of honey that you could sample as well as whole honeycombs. I didn’t like the honeycomb because of the texture, but hubby did so I’m glad that we tried it.


We also decided to sample mead. If you don’t know what mead is, it's basically any alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey so that can include beer and wine. Our favorite was the Ambrosia, which was a white wine with a honey undertone. We loved it so much that we bought a bottle to share with my inlaws and they loved it too.  

Of course I couldn’t escape Savannah without doing a little shopping. I find that buying a one of a kind item, especially jewelry in a local shop is the best kind of souvenir. So I picked up a bracelet at Villa Savannah. 

We spent the better part of the afternoon exploring more of the city, including stopping in at the infamous Leopald’s Ice Creamery. That place has a line wrapped around the building at all times of the day, but it’s definitely worth the wait. I loved the lemon custard while hubby enjoyed the jet-blueberry.

After all of this, the day was only partially over so we headed over to River Street for the rest of the evening (next post). I will share more on that tomorrow. 

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