Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lovely Lashes: They're (mostly) Real!

As much of an advocate as I am of loving yourself and all your faults, realistically every girl has something they wouldn't mind changing about themselves. For me, it's my eyelashes. I seriously have the shortest skimpiest eyelashes in existence. Ok maybe, I'm being overdramatic, but even hubby's lashes are longer than mine. Because I don't have the loveliest of lashes, I  want them more than anything, but I guess that's how it goes. While I can't miraculously change the lashes I have, I can work with what I've got. 

One way to go is to use false lashes. I wore fake lashes for the first time at my wedding. I had a professional do my make-up so I figured why not. And I loved the look. They really helped my eyes to pop. I couldn't believe it was me in the mirror, which is why I recently picked up these. While, I'm not nearly so high maintenance (yet!) that I would wear false lashes daily, I'm happy to wear them for special occasions. 

In the meantime, I have found some great massacres to help me add a bit of volume and length to my own lashes. I have been using this massacre for a while and I really like it. This is my third tube, and it's a keeper. For me, it adds a lot of volume and curl; two things I desperately need. Nothing helps my beautiful browns shine more. And, while I was mostly happy with the Tarte massacre, I felt that there was probably something better out there that could help me to create more length. Enter Benefit They're Real!

The Benefit "They're Real" massacre (here) is my latest beauty obsession. I've wanted to try it for a while, and when I received an Ulta gift card for my birthday last month, I had the perfect opportunity. As you can see, the Benefit application wand is completely different than the Tarte wand. The Benefit wand is a lot thinner with smaller spikier bristles, making it ideal for creating length. I received compliments the first day I used it. And thus I will continue to do so. This is not to say, that I'm willing to let go of my Tarte massacre. Thus, I typically use them in combination...Benefit for length and Tarte for volume and curl. 

And since, I'm talking about all things eyes, I have a few more products to share. Firstly, is this Cynthia Rowley eyeliner. It's a BirchBox exclusive, and it is gorgeous. So I'm very thankful to my inlaws for gifting me a BirchBox subscription for my birthday. This eyeliner was my favorite item in my first box. The silver color is dazzling and I'm even in love with the packaging! The best part of receiving this, is that it's not something that I would have been brave enough to choose for myself. But now that I have  it, I'm already planning make-up looks with it. I mean really, how beautiful would this be with a white shadow on a night out? Swoon. Secondly, this is my new liquid eyeliner and it has the thinnest applicator I have tried yet. I much more prefer thin applicators as opposed to an overly heavy one. Revlon, also has a new even skinnier version, which is on my list of things to try. At buy one, get one 50% off, now might be the perfect time to try this .


  1. The first time I tried falsies was for my wedding too and I loved them! It lets me tone down the rest of my eye makeup and actually ends up looking more natural on me. I haven't taken the plunge and tried to apply them myself, but I might just pick some up the next time I'm out shopping so I have some to practice with!

    1. Yes it definitely take some practice..as in it took me watching 2 different tutorials and half hour but they were definitely worth it