Thursday, July 3, 2014

Road Trip #2

I have more to share on Savannah, but today I wanted to talk about our second road trip this week. We arrived home from Georgia Tuesday night, only to take off again on Wednesday. Why leave so soon? Well because I wouldn't be fully taking advantage of this week off from dental school if I didn't spend time with my family. So husband and I embarked on a second road trip to visit both sets of parents. But first, we picked up the little guy. 

What I'm Wearing? 
Dress: O'neill 
Sweater: Target 
Shoes: Timberland 
Bracelet: Swell Caroline 
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole 

I wanted to be comfy for the road, especially since PJ would probably be sitting on my lap for most of it. The best way to go in the summer is an easy sundress. I'm really happy with how well this outfit turned out. It looks fairly styled, but let me tell you I literally pulled this dress out of the dryer and simply paired it with this sweater that I picked up the other day. 

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