Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tybee Island

We planned a beach trip for the day, but the weather is preventing that. So instead, I get to spend the entire day studying pharmacology. You know, fun stuff like memorizing drug names and learning the side effects. I actually will be  better off this way, but to give myself a little break I decided to write this post about my last trip to the ocean. Lucky for me it wasn't all that long ago. When hubby and I were in Savannah last week, we went to Tybee Island Beach.
It was a about a 30 minute drive from Savannah, which we didn't mind at all because the scenery along the way was so beautiful. We drove past plenty of marsh lands and cabbage palm trees. It was all so picturesque, but I think my favorite part was the salt in the air. Not only could you smell it, but you could taste it. I have never experienced that before so I knew instantly that this would be a beach trip unlike any other. 

Most people our age wouldn't bother with beach gear, but we wanted to be comfortable. Aside from grabbing a beach umbrella to protect me from sun poisoning (I get it almost every year), we had beach chairs and a cooler. The cooler was essential as we filled it with bottled water, fresh fruit, and a few beers of course. It was so nice laying in the shade of the umbrella, eating watermelon and pineapple slices while sipping on cold drinks. 

As my pathetic attempt at a sandcastle failed miserably, I was super impressed with this alligator that someone made. It reminded me of the delicious gator bites that hubby and I had earlier in our trip. 
I so wish that I could be laying out at Tybee Beach right now, or any beach for that matter. I don't know if I will have time to escape on the upcoming weekends. And I still have over a month yet before my next school break. Thankfully, I have a fun trip planned for then as well. Happy Weekend Everyone! 

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