Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mayhem in May

May was full of so much work and chaos, really just pure mayhem, as evidenced by the fact that I'm just now writing about it. We're getting pretty far into June, so I questioned whether or not I should even bother to write a recap for May, but if ever a month needed a moment to step back and digest it all, it would be this one.
 This past month was a bit of an adjustment period with getting used to treating patients all day. While it's incredibly rewarding, it's also beyond stressful and exhausting. As a result, some things in my personal life suffered a bit...ahem this little blog. I even cancelled a trip, which you guys know is so unlike me, but I was really just too busy to take a break, even a much needed one. But in spite of how busy I was, May was a really good month and deserves to have all those small moments highlighted. I will remember it most for my transition into the dental clinic, but I want to remember it also for the small things too. 

Proof of how stressful dental school can be!
During our Florida trip, my resting heart rate dropped dramatically, then began to climb again as soon as I got back to school 
It felt like I ate out too much during May because I had no time for self-care 
  So I got overly excited about the few times I made it to the grocery store and actually cooked good food. Had to document this as proof to myself that I did cook occasionally this month 
good mail day! 
got these dental-themed badge holders + these fun denture ice trays
While most dogs will sleep anywhere, Westie pups are known for seeking out dark places to sleep (just like humans) so I'm always finding this cutie is the most random places.
Can you spot his nose sticking out from under the bed + a cute furry white bum napping under my desk
dental school study sessions
only the best food will do for this best pup
seriously, he eats much better than I do 
he's on one of those grain-free paleo diets! 
The few times that I got dressed in real clothes this month because I wear scrubs 4/5 days of the week and stick with comfy sweats to study in on the weekends 
Finally flattened and hung this map from Europe ( I love that the country orientation is opposite U.S. maps) and finally finished sharing about my Europe trip with my sister here
Got to end the month in the best way possible by spending memorial day in the mountains with my little sister! 
More on this tomorrow 
 earning all the climbing fitbit badges thanks to our mountain hikes 
This monthly recap wasn't the most exciting thing ever, but it's real. With June, I'm hoping to gain little more balance in my life; part of that will require working on being more efficient, but also realizing that I can't do it all and need to learn to say no to things (like that trip I cancelled) every once in a while. But mostly, I'm hoping June means that I can get more sleep. 


  1. Yay for transitioning into the clinic!! What year are you? You had a busy month! Hopefully June will be more relaxing!

    1. I took a year off and am back now as a 3rd year, which at my school means you're responsible for your own set a patients that we see 3 days a week. And yes to June potentially being more relaxing