Friday, December 28, 2018

november 2018//

Oh, November. I did not forget about you, I promise. December just took off and left no time to reminisce. But before this year comes to an end, I have to stop and pause and take a minute to reflect back on this incredible month that was the perfect reset before the craziness of December began.makingrestorations blog November 2018

We began this month with a special family photo session. The last time we had professional photos taken all together was back during our engagement shot so it was time. And these photos captured our time in the sunflower fields so perfectly. 
loving every perk of living on the water, especially this view from our backyard 
taking advantage of warm days this month with autumn bike rides
and spotting the christmas decorations on my favorite Norfolk Mermaid

I ended my first dental rotation with this amazing crew

and headed off to do my second rotation 4 hours away from home.
November was a quiet month mostly because it involved nonstop studying for this exam
views from a nighttime bike ride along the water after a long day of studying
 easiest meal with simple butternut squash soup
evenings at home with these two cuddle buddies...occasionally, they let me join in
 I spy lots of Christmas decorations, which makes me feel less crazy about how early we decorated this year. 
We put our Christmas tree up on November 12th...just wanted extra time to enjoy it since I knew we would be out of the country for Christmas 
 rooftop sunsets after long days of studying 
 How gorgeous is this Thanksgiving tablescape? 
Too bad it's not ours, since we skipped thanksgiving this year. Instead of traveling to family, I got lots of studying done over the holiday and we had dinner out at our favorite Indian restaurant. 
November was the best month filled with running through the sunflowers and lots of coffee date study dates. It gave me a chance to slow down and relax, which I don't do nearly enough. 

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