Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Clothing Budget-A Month of Staples

This month, I picked up quite a few pieces that I had been hoping to find for a while now. You know those items that will be signature pieces so you want to wait until you find the perfect match for you.

1. Workout Gear Total $43 

I am much more motivated to workout when I feel good in what I'm wearing so I took advantage of the after Christmas sales to get some warm clothes since I prefer to run outside. I scored big with some items from Dick's sporting goods. What I got?

  • Reebok Ombre Leggings: Aren't they beautiful? They were marked down from $55 to $17 and I paid for these with a gift card. 
  • Koppen Pullover: This is the first item that I have bought from this line, and I will definitely be a repeat customer. It is the warmest running top I have, I literally took if off one day running outside in January because I was so warm. Also, it has thumb holes to help keep it in place and it is incredibly soft. So soft that I have worn it to bed. This was marked down from $55 to $18 which I paid for out of pocket. 
  • Nike Dri-Fit Short Sleeve Shirt: Marked down from $22 to $11. I also paid for this item with a gift card. 
  • Nike Dri-Fit Baseball Cap (not pictured): $10

Additionally, I picked up this pullover from Old Navy. It's definitely not thick enough to keep me warm in the winter, but it should work well for the Fall/Spring. On sale, this pullover cost me $15. 

2. Jessica Simpson Cash Wedges in Microsuede $59 
For months now, I have been looking for a pair of black wedges. I love wearing heels, but sometimes you want the support and comfort of a good wedge. When I spotted these shoes, I knew that they would be perfect for me. And truth be told, they are probably my favorite pair of shoes right now as I have been wearing them non-stop. 

3. Academy Ponte Blazer in Tweed $23 
I actually have this blazer in navy with black trim. I loved it so much that I knew that I had to get it in tweed when it went on sale. The sale took the original cost of $98 down to $48. I used a $25 gift card and then was able to snag this for $23 out of pocket. 

The blazer is tweed with navy piping and the interior is navy with small white polka dots. Also, aren't the elbow patches just to die for? 

4. Steve Madden Gold Watch $32 
Ever since I acquired my Silver Fossil watch, I knew that I wanted to get a watch in gold. However, I hadn't seen anything nice enough that was within the price range I wanted until I spotted this beauty at Nordstrom Rack. 

I love how the band has a black pattern design that gives it the look of snakeskin. The black on the band really helps the white watch face stand out. Also, I think I prefer watches with actual band since my wrists are tiny and anytime I get a watch with a chain band, it always requires quite a bit of adjustment. 

5. Accessories $27 
So I also picked up some items that aren't staples that I just couldn't resist. Thanks to some super cash I earned at Old Navy via Christmas shopping I picked up a pair of sunglasses ($6-not pictured), 2 pairs of fun socks ($8-not pictured), and the bracelets shown below for $27. 

January Total (including tax): $171
I also used a Christmas gift card that my generous in-laws gave me to order some items from J Crew Factory, but they have yet to arrive. As I am not sure about what I will be keeping and possibly sending back, I will discuss those items in next months post. Even with the use of Christmas gift cards, I still went over the generous $150 budget that I allotted myself this month (ouch!). I don't have any regrets  because I picked up pieces that are definitely going to get a lot of use. I'm hoping to make up for it by making February a no-buy month. One of my New Year's resolutions is to go an entire month without purchasing any clothes, accessories, etc. That really shouldn't be that difficult, but anyone who knows me knows that it will be hard for me. In fact, hubby doesn't think that I can do it and I have to say that I'm not sure if I disagree with him. Wish me luck. 

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