Friday, June 27, 2014

June Budget

This turned out to be a really good month for me. Not because I practiced any kind of real restraint, but more so because it was my 25th birthday (read about my party here). My family and friends know how much I love gift cards so I ended up with a lot of extra to spend on myself this month. That being said, I'm surprised I didn't do more damage. Normally, I tend to splurge on something like a a new handbag for my b-day but most of my purchases were actually pretty budget friendly.

Also, as usual I'm linking up with franish and the other budgeting bloggers. 

1. J Crew Factory Emerald Pool Blouse $0
Original $69.50 on Sale for $37 and purchased with a gift card
This shirt is the factory version of last years punk floral blouse. The only evident difference between the two is that the original sleeves had a tighter fit, but at half the cost of the original, I definitely prefer the factory version. See how I wore this here

Original $12 and purchased with a gift card
I'm not typically a printed tee person, but the charcoal gray color and the golden elephant really caught my eye. Plus it feels very breathable for summer wear. I had to have it. 

3. J Crew Factory Printed Pineapple Skirt $0
Original $59.50 on Sale for $34.50 + an extra 20% off=$27.60 and purchased with a gift card 
Last year I really wanted this skirt from J Crew or a swimsuit in this print, but even when they went on sale I just couldn't justify the purchase. I knew I wouldn't wear either of them enough to make it worth spending that much it. Patience is a virtue because this year they released a factory version and this skirt is more wearable. Score! 

4. Gap Two Band Sandals $30 Original $39.50 Worn here

Target Pendant Necklace $0
Original $16.99 on Sale for $8 and purchased with a gift card 

5. Sam Edelman Brina Sandal $0
Originally $69.95 on Sale for $45 and purchased with a gift card 

6. Target Pointelle Back Cardigan $0
Original $22.99 on Sale for $6.88 and purchased with a gift card 

7. Target Merona Textured Dress in Acacia Leaf $0
Original $27.99 and purchased with a gift card
I am in love with this striped dress as it's going to be an easy go to outfit for summer events. See how I dressed it up here

8. Target Mossimo Striped Maxi Skirt $0
Original $24.99 and purchased with a gift card. 
This skirt is on sale now, down to $10 and I would definitely recommend picking it up. I've worn it several times already as the black & white stripes match everything. Also, the slits give it a little more visual interest. 

9. Target Mossimo Scoop Neck Sweater  $0
Original $19.99 on Sale for $5.98 and purchased with a gift card 

Retail Total: $363.40
After Sales Total $225.44  - $180 in Gift Cards = $45 June Total 

Year to Date Clothing Budget
$1650 (Year) - $171(Jan) - $0 (Feb) - $232(March) - $357(April) - $190(May)-$45 (June) = $655 remaining for the year

Not bad, but I only have $655 (+ a few remaining gift cards) to get me through January so I definitely need to be more conscious over the next few months. 


  1. Both pairs of your sandals you got are great purchases. I think it's awesome that you're doing a yearly budget. I don't think there would be any chance at me succeeding with that.

    1. Yes Meghan, it's definitely hard to do a yearly budget but is forcing me to be thoughtful in my shopping as opposed to impulse shopping or simply buying things because they are on sale.

  2. I can sincerely say that I love, and would wear, every piece you got this month, especially the floral blouse and the metallic sandals! :)


  3. The two tops are adorable - I've been wanting an elephant print top for a while. Your green dress also caught my eye - I have a solid green dress from Old Navy that I've gotten a lot of use out of that needs replacing. The cut of yours is very similar to what I'm looking for in a replacement dress! I might have to pop into Target sometime soon and check out the dress section.

    1. Carrie I definitely recommend this dress, the cut is very flattering & it garnished a to. Of compliments. Plus I'm sure that will be on sale in the upcoming weeks.

  4. I looove the Gap sandals. I picked up a black pair online when they restocked. They're so comfortable!

    1. Yes they are super comfy, I totally thought about grabbing a second pair in black

  5. Your choices are so cohesive - it almost looks like the perfect summer capsule wardrobe!

    1. Yes anna I try to pick up useful pieces that will work together for me.

  6. I am in love with the shoes you got! I'm terrible at buying shoes - I want them all, and I never actually get any. I'm so happy you found some that work for you!

  7. Yea shoes are so hard, I always have to stop myself & remember to be more practical as opposed to just buying what's cute