Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Toronto Stole our Hearts!

Although most of our time in Toronto was overcast, the clouds did not mar our view
 of this amazing city.
In fact, Toronto is one of my favorite cities that I've visited yet! 
I wasn't all that impressed with Paris. And I've yet to be seduced by New York. 
But Toronto....
Well Toronto stole our Hearts! 
 Toronto is filled with so much diversity that it feels like it could burst, but there is a mutual respect here for all. The city has seamlessly blended the best of so many worlds and that's why we love it so much. From Downtown to The Distillery District to Graffiti Alley to the Toronto Islands---we explored it all. 

I spy with my little eye...a guy in yellow. 
There are three things that need to be apart of every great trip
(1) a little shopping...
(2) a fun travel partner...
(3) lots of sweet treats...
Beautiful Buildings Reminiscent of Europe!
and Graffiti Alley was one of our favorites 
Plus Toronto offered us the best Mexican that I've ever tasted! 
Toronto is a city that entices all the senses 

Toronto tastes like macarons and lots of authentic cuisine

Toronto sounds like one of the most diverse cities in the world with many different languages mingling into one 

Toronto smells like the freshly brewed Maple Syrup Beer that fills the local breweries

Toronto looks like the perfect blend of old and new...thanks to Golden skyscrapers sitting alongside classical Victorians

but most importantly 

Toronto feels like the best place to be for adventures and exploration. 
And that's our kind of city. 


  1. I love the graffiti, those tacos look amazing, and really I just want to go visit Toronto now! You've sold me on it. :)

    1. Graffiti is legal there. While there is some tagging still, most of it is very artistic and so beautiful. Glad I tempted you into going because it really is a great place

  2. Toronto's one of our favorites too! It looks like you two had an incredible time. All of your pictures are so full of color - I love it!!

    1. It is a colorful city, I'm excited to share the rest of our adventures there. I'm also looking forward to seeing your trip recaps

  3. Toronto is a great city! And I get to shop at Joe Fresh and eat ketchup chips there...

    1. Haha! I missed out on Joe Fresh and the Ketchup chips. Thankfully I get those from lots of other places

  4. we LOVED toronto!!! so beautiful! glad you had fun.