Wednesday, August 10, 2016

why you shouldn't skip capitol reef national park

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 22 
When comparing Utah's five national parks, people have a "don't bother" attitude when it comes to Capitol Reef National Park. And for this reason, we almost skipped it. But Capitol Reef is a national park in its own right, which means you're guaranteed an experience of a lifetime!
So in case your planning on skipping Capitol Reef…DON'T. And here's why.

You shouldn't skip Capitol Reef National Park because…everyone else does
We took our mighty five road trip, visiting all of Utah's national parks right around Memorial Day. As you might imagine, the parks were pretty crowded around this time. But, Capitol Reef was virtually empty. Because so many people skip this spot, we had the place to ourselves. If you appreciate the solitude of red majestic mountains and cascading rivers, then Capitol Reef is where you want to be. 
visit capitol reef national park

You shouldn't skip Capitol Reef National Park never know what you will find.
We've visited national parks all across the country and none have proven to be quite as unique as Capitol Reef. I can't even put into words how magnificent this place is. Let's just say it's worth a visit to find out for yourself. 
capitol reef national park petroglyphs
2,000 year old Petroglyphs by Fremont People Native Americans 

You shouldn't skip Capitol Reef National Park because…of it's history 
Few national parks have managed to maintain their history the way that Capitol Reef National Park has. From the preservation of artifacts, pueblos, and petroglyphs left behind by the Native American tribes known as the Fremont People to the restoration of the buildings and farmlands created by it's European settlers, Capitol Reef National Park offers a glimpse into many facets of America's history. This national park isn't just for nature lovers, it's for history buffs too. 
fruita settlement

You shouldn't skip Capitol Reef National Park because…it challenges the rules of nature. 
This national park surprised us. Having spent some time traveling through Utah, we were expecting more desert land. But the majestic red mountains of Capitol Reef National Park are surrounded by the roaring Fremont River that supports a vast array of vegetation. It seems impossible that their can be desert cacti existing side by side lush green fruit orchards, but there are. 
utah plant id
spring desert utah

You shouldn't skip capitol reef national park because…they have the best pie
I'm not even kidding about this one. The pie alone is reason enough to visit.  The European pioneers that settled the area planted orchards full of fruits from apricots to cherries to pears. The settlement of Fruita thrived on these orchards. Today, you're welcome to visit the orchards yourself to eat/pick your own. Or you can stop in at the historic Gifford House to purchase a famous Fruita pie. And it won't disappoint. The mixed berry flavor there is the best pie I'ver ever had. 
fruita pie Thank you Capitol Reef National Park for the best time. I can't believe we almost missed out on visiting you. And I can't believe how many people simply skip over you. So glad that we gave you a chance to show off for us. 

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