Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Zebra and Her Stripes

Lately, my life has involved a whole lot of transitions. Transitioning back to grad school after time away. Transitioning into once again being in a long distance marriage. It feels like I'm constantly transforming, adjusting, altering my stripes to fit the situation. 

My attitude and the persona I portray changes daily depending on how I'm currently coping with all these big life changes. But I'm taking it slowly and accepting that things won't suddenly be better or feel right over night. It takes time and I need to give myself a chance.
Striped Dress: J Crew {on sale + 40% off with code: holiday)
Wedges: Jessica Simpson {exact dupe that I own in nude}
Necklace & Bracelet: J Crew Factory 
So here's to not being too judgmental of myself and taking the time I need to adjust. And here's to this perfectly striped dress that shouldn't affect my outlook on life, but it totally does because when you feel good outside, it makes it easier to feel good inside.

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