Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oh Autumn!

Oh Autumn! You are flying right by and coming to an end. Your leaves were once the brightest hues of crimson and gold, but now they're withering away into dull muted tones. 
The apples have been picked and the pumpkin patches are bare. And these cool crisp fall mornings are turning chillier and chillier. But before you go, I'm enjoying all the best parts of you. 
striped sweater: J Crew Factory // skirt: J Crew Factory //
heathered dot tights: Loft // boots: Frye {save vs. splurge} // 
fringe plaid throw: J Crew Factory
Here's a little poem I love that sums up just how I'm feeling about autumn going away. 

I overheard Autumn today 
saying she must go away…
I wish she'd just refuse to go 
but Winter's bugging her, I Know…
I wish that she would just say no 
and we could skip the ice and snow 
but I fear that what she said is true
I've felt winter coming, haven't you?
Oh Autumn I will wait for you, 
through winter, spring, and summer too 
because, none of them can compare 
to seeing autumn everywhere 
-Connetta Jean 


  1. I have to say the rain we had yesterday didn't help with all the leaves that were left on the trees!! Super cute sweater and skirt girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You look beautiful Jasmine ! Love the sweater :)

    1. oh thank you-this sweater definitely "says" Fall to me

  3. I love Autumn, it's my favorite season and we rarely get it here. We've been having beautiful weather all this month (except the few days of rain) and it's so nice. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Since we all know it's going to get gross by the time December rolls in.

    1. I'm back at grad school so living in the South again, but these photos above were definitely taken while I visiting the Husband in Boston. That's one thing I love about New England/the North that we barely get a taste of down South is Fall. On the other hand, it's November and I'm still going to the outdoor swimming pool ;) I guess I'm getting the best of both worlds