Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg

When we moved to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area a little over a year ago, I immediately made a list of things to do and try. And a day trip to Colonial Williamsburg has been at the top of that list. The timing just never quite worked out until now, which turned out to be a good thing, because visiting during the holiday season was extra magical. Every year the city has a wreath decorating contest. And it is beyond intense. 
If you live in the area, you are required to put up a wreath for the contest and there is an entire published manual on rules and regulations for what can and cannot be used in the wreath. Basically, it has to be all natural items, similar to colonial times. A community where tasteful holiday decorations are required, is definitely my kind of place. And while, it's a little crazy to think about, it makes for the best holiday visit to tour the wreaths with all the neighbors competing for the blue ribbon and bragging rights for the year. 

I definitely loved everything about these classic wreaths from their white pine to their miniature pineapples to lotus pods to magnolia leaves to the reddest brightest pomegranates that you've ever seen. It was the best kind of day and I had to share some of our favorites below. 

one of my absolute favorite wreaths is colorful and creative
so glad we opted for the christmas tour that went into all the best detail about how the wreaths are made
many places even had themes to go along with the original use for the building-like this once upon a time tavern that decorated their wreath with mugs 
or this tea themed wreath 
 seriously, those lotus pods though
our absolute favorite souvenir to pick up its a Christmas ornament and this day absolutely called for picking one up right? 
Assuming that we stay in this area long-term, I told Tom that this absolutely needs to become a yearly tradition.

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