Friday, January 31, 2020

january 2020

Oh January!
You are always the best month with the excitement of a new year and a chance to start fresh. 

I really focused on being present and soaking up each day so this month was a real treat filled with the best moments including....
-new job opportunities
-reflecting on the past decade
-lots of good home cooking...seriously, I've never cooked so much in one month as I did in January 
-brewery dates with just us and with friends
-a mural wall crawl
-a brunch date with my favorite
-somehow having it be warm enough to go kayaking in January!
-challenging new procedures at work 
-making the best of a power outage with an impromptu date night 
-travel planning for the new year 
-yoga studio classes because I'm that girl now 
Seriously feeling like I have the best foundation for this new year thanks to this fun-filled, yet relaxing month. 

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