Tuesday, July 7, 2020

just peachy 🍑

With the current state of things, more than anything..I find myself craving simplicity. So a few weeks ago, I found a new outing for us that was exactly that. simple. peaceful. quiet. and still safe to participate in right now. 

We picked an early Sunday morning to head out peach picking and I can't think of a better way to start the day. 
I've been apple picking and to pumpkin patches, but somehow it never occurred to me to pick summer fruit. And I've been missing out. Bonus points that outdoor outings are the safest way to get out of the house right now. So we headed out early before the crowds descended and had the orchard mostly to ourselves. we are extra big fans of any activity that allows us to bring our pup along toothe farm that we visited isn't too far from us, so I think that we need to make this an annual traditionI love that we got to start out our week on a good note with fresh air and gathering good food. And now we can eat peach flavored treats all week long. 

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