Thursday, April 2, 2015

My March Madness!

It's officially April and I'm ecstatic about it. Each day brings more beautiful blooms and warmer weather. Plus, I've got some big plans to look forward too. Seriously you guys, I can hardly contain my excitement. But before I get too ahead of myself, it's time to reflect on everything that happened during March.
 Fun dates, lots of Spring cleaning, studying, and making gains at the gym. This month flew by way too fast, so I'm taking a moment to pause and share my very own version of March Madness.

My March started out on the highest of notes, thanks to a surprise visit from Husband. His school schedule changed at the last minute, which meant an impromptu visit to see the wife. Having Tom here with me was amazing. It meant homemade dinners together, mid-week date nights, and cuddling on the sofa...all things we normally miss out on as a long distance couple. 
I love it when Tom cooks for me! 
  It was so sweet of him to visit me even though I still had school during the day and could only spend time with him during the evenings.

 And speaking of Dental School, March was much of the same as we are still working on learning how to design partial dentures and treat pediatric patients. But, there were also some tangible changes as my classmates and I became accustomed to treating patients in clinic. 
Dental School~the Stats 
As you can see from March's version of "A Day in the Life of a Dental Student: Weekend Edition" my days are long, but good! 

>>23hours of lecture & 25hours in dental lab 

>>42hours of independent study & 23hours practicing in the dental lab 

>>24hours spent in Clinic. Woohoo! I still owe you all a post on clinic, which is coming soon. I want it to be just right. 

and I couldn't leave out actual March Madness....I don't know who is worse-the dental students or the professors. 

When watching basketball didn't quite do the trick, I hit the gym to de-stress...I'm turning into a total gym junkie with 4-5 workouts a week, but all that activity led to lots of soreness. I turned to icy hot patches and epsom salt baths until I finally gave in and bought this. Why did I wait so long? It definitely rejuvenated my sore muscles and is now apart of my daily routine. 
March 1st vs. March 31st 
I lost 6lbs in March! Thanks to lots of exercise and healthy meals like one of my favorites here.

But if I ever turn into one of those girls who eats salads for every meal and never has real butter-please slap me because that is no way to live. It's all about balance, which is why this March still included lots of sweet treats too! 

I baked my first Berry Pie from scratch to celebrate Pi Day and St. Patty's Day called for a batch of these créme de menthe brownies! There were other sweet indulgences too, especially at Afternoon Tea.

Husband and I had the best day date ever thanks to an Afternoon Tea at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond! 

And the whole reason that we were in Richmond in the first place was to attend the cutest wedding of some college friends! It was the first wedding we've attended since our own wedding. Hearing another couple profess their lifelong vows to each other totally had me tearing up.

 While part of my Spring break was spent in Richmond, the other part was simply spent at my apartment. I can't even remember the last time that I was there over break as I am normally traveling, but time home was good for me. It meant finally taking down my Christmas decorations and doing some Spring cleaning! I reorganized the scary storage closet, including assembling some new shelving [you can actually open the door now without things toppling out onto you]. 

Plus, I was motivated to do some DIY projects and make some improvements around the little place that I call home. I'll be showing off all my updates with a full apartment tour in April's blog posts! 

Fabric for a DIY Project and Some Inspiration
Finally, it was time to welcome Spring with fresh blooms inside and out! Love the Hydrangeas that I picked up for my bedroom and the Bradford Pear Trees that are flowering right outside my door. 

Spring days also meant lighter layers and brighter colors. Details on my favorite outfits of the day from March can be found here, here, and here

Well there you have it! That was my March Madness-it was a crazy hectic month filled with lots of work and orginization, but there was also lots of fun too! I hope that everyone had an amazing March and now let's make April even better. 

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  1. Love your blog redesign, it's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Ele, though I can't take any credit for it. I finally decided to let a professional take the reigns. I will probably be making more updates in the next few weeks too

  2. such a fun, colorful, happy recap! great new blog!


  3. Thanks Emi-I love doing recap posts and I love reading your Life Lately posts