Saturday, March 17, 2018

desert greens for st. patty's day

happy st. patty's day! 
In honor of the holiday dedicated to all things green, I thought I'd share some of my favorite desert greens that we've been enjoying all week long. 

With Husband being settled in Boston for grad school right now, we've become accustomed to celebrating St. Patty's Day right since it is such a big deal there. We're sorry to be missing out on the Boston celebrations this year, but we've been enjoying lots of beautiful lush greens in the desert this week to make up for it. 
We even managed to find a four leaf clover in the desert since Vegas has the most creative neon lights

a whole forest full of evergreens just laid out at my feet 

And our favorite pop of green so far with finding all the palm trees right in the middle of the desert. Loved this little oasis! 
 We're currently enjoying our last full day on the West Coast in Arizona, splitting our time between Tucson, Phoenix, and Saguaro National Park. You can follow along with my stories for lots more pops of desert greens. Have a safe and happy holiday! 

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