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iceland winter packing list

When we were prepping for our Iceland trip, I found lots of cute girly girl packing lists, but most of them weren't overly functional. Iceland is really an outdoor lovers dream. Since we spent the majority of our time there out in the winter weather, I thought I would share my packing list that's reflective of that. 
iceland winter packing list
 We spent several hours outside each day braving Iceland's winter and felt comfortable doing it thanks to packing a few key items. 

COATS & OUTERWEAR: Let's start with the obvious. I brought along the North Face Caysen Parka as my primary coat. Between the down insulation, fur-lined hood, and the very convenient double-zipper system, it worked out great for Iceland. Other outwear essentials included a wool headband, knit hat, ski gloves, and a wool cowlneck scarf to cover my face from the constant wind.  
iceland winter packing list

SWEATERS & TOPS: I tried to pack on the lighter side with only bringing a carry-on so I didn't want to go overboard with packing too many bulky sweaters. I brought along a wool turtleneck, but mostly packed lightweight long-sleeves that I layered with my favorite fleece and this insulated jacket that packs down right into its own pocket. 
iceland winter packing list

PANTS: There are 2 essentials that I could not have lived without on this trip, they made the winter weather bearable. 1.) Wool Leggings: these are the thinnest long johns around and fit so well under my skinny jeans and other tights. Plus they are 100% wool 2.) Rain-Wind Pants: The cold temperatures in Iceland are actually fairly mild. The wind is what makes the winters harsh. These pants proved to be both waterproof and wind-breaking---perfect for all of our outdoor adventures. Added bonus, they zip along the sides, so I could easily pull them on and off over my regular pants when transitioning from inside and outside. I also brought along a pair of jeans and two pairs of these tights that I own in every color:) 
iceland winter packing list

SHOES: During our outdoor activities, I alternated between these boots and these boots. Waterproof hiking shoes are kind of essential is you plan to safely enjoy the winter weather. And hands down the best wool socks ever got packed as well. 

SWIM: Because you have to visit one of Iceland's hot springs or geothermal pools, don't forget a bathing suit. I picked up this scalloped swimsuit in a bright coral color because I wanted something that would contrast against the pretty blue mineral water. Mission accomplished!
iceland winter packing list

The swimsuit and rain-wind pants were the only new purchases I made for our Iceland trip. Lucky for me, both will obviously be used again and again. And I'm happy to report that I packed just the right amount of cold weather gear, which is why I felt compelled to share my packing list. Before heading to Iceland, I was so worried that the winter weather could potentially make every adventure miserable. But instead, I was comfortable with spending the day outdoors in Iceland's winter. This gave me the chance to really enjoy everything that the beautiful, albeit windy, snowy, cold country had to offer. 

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