Friday, March 9, 2018

friday favorites 03.09.18

I'm always happy to see Friday roll around the corner and realize that I survived yet another week of grad school. I was at the dental school doing labwork for my patient's denture until about 2AM last night (even though I started Thursday at 4AM), so I'm ready to make one more big push today and kick off my weekend. Before I do, wanted to share 3 big things making this week special. 

International Women's Day 
As a woman entering a male-dominated field, it's always nice to see women making the extra effort to uplift each other in our endeavors. 

Iceland Itinerary & Budget 
I use any free time I get from grad school to travel, so it always takes me a little time to get around to sharing it all here. Glad to say that I'm finally finished blogging about our experience with spending winter in Iceland. You can see our full itinerary and budget here
Spring Break 
This weekend will be extra special because it kicks off a week-long spring break for me. I've definitely been feeling the need for a break in my attitude and outlook. Looking forward to taking some time for me and spending time with my husband. I'll share more tomorrow about our destination. 

Happy Friday! 
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