Friday, March 23, 2018

friday favorites: spring break edition

happy friday dear ones! 
I'm just coming off of Spring Break on the West Coast with arriving home early Monday (3AM!). This week has been a bit of a challenge with adjusting back to the time change, the workload of grad school, and hardest of all being apart from my husband. The break was much needed and I'm so thankful for it for so many reasons. It really was the highlight of my week, my month. So I thought I'd be fun to do a Spring Break edition of Friday Favorites. 
friday favorites spring break
I will have plenty more to share over the next few weeks, but for now, here's a glimpse at some favorites. 

1. Time with the Husband 
friday favorites spring break
Obviously, everyone and anyone in my position in grad school would love having a break. With being in a long distance marriage, breaks are even more special because it gives my husband and I a chance to be together. We get to have time to explore and go adventures. Easily, this was my favorite. 

friday favorites spring break
Yep, studying while on Spring Break was a highlight for me. Mainly because it was proof that there is a such thing as balance in life, even if it doesn't always feel like it. 

3. Hiking 
friday favorites spring break
Not just posing for a picture here, we actually hiked down into that ridge and then back up again. Considering how sedentary my lifestyle currently is, I'm in love with the fact that I had so many opportunities to get outside and really enjoy myself. 

4. Unexpected Adventures friday favorites spring break
We found this oasis of palm trees right in the center of the desert (sharing more on this experience next week), which just shows that you never know what adventures are out there waiting for you. 

5. Feeling Glamorous 
I consider myself pretty low maintenance. In fact, most of my Spring Break trip was centered around hiking and being outdoors, but we did spend a few days staying in Palm Springs, which felt so glamourous. This colorful spot below is our hotel. 
friday favorites spring break

I've been so beyond stressed out lately with grad school. You guys, getting a doctorate degree is as hard as they say it is. So Spring Break really was the boost that I needed to carry me through. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend-mine will be filled with studying! 

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  1. Everything looks like it was so much fun! Can't wait to read more about your adventures.