Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites at Christmastime

Blogmas Day 4
It's been a while since I've participated in Friday Favorites, but it is my absolute
favorite time of the year so pretty much everything that's happening right now is my favorite thing. Several of my current favorites are captured right in this photo below...

one: this gorgeous wreath that we picked up at the tree farm last weekend. It's totally picturesque and smells amazing. Sorry to the neighbors, but this is not going on the front door as originally planned. We're keeping this one inside for ourselves. 
two: I'm obsessed with our Christmas cards this year, I think this is one of the best photos we've ever taken, which is great because it was such a simple everyday photo.
and three: We are mailing our cards out today! It took entirely too long to write, address, and label everything. Now, I just have a few finishing touches and then they're off. And it was worth all the time and effort to send a little holiday cheer to our loved ones.

another favorite…all the holiday wrappings. 
I have a not so secret love for all things stationary…cards, scrapbooking, cute notes. I'm a little old lady at heart. Popped into one of my favorite stationary stores (yes I have a favorite stationary store) and found the most adorable place cards and holiday paper. I wanted 3 of everything, but somehow I escaped without buying anything...
ok I'm totally lying, I bought this, but it was pretty much a necessity 

And one last favorite is our new tree skirt. It's rare to walk into a store and stumble upon exactly what you were envisioning. It's especially rare to find it on sale! Husband definitely turned his nose up at the words "faux fur", but he quickly changed his tune when he saw it in person. Though I think that PJ likes it more than the two of us combined. 
It's just as white and fluffy as he is, but we're finally getting around to decorating our Christmas tree and wrapping presents tonight. This means that he will to have to find a new spot to nap and hoard his toys. 

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Happy Friday Friends! 


  1. I love all the Cvirstams stuff! Love your cards!! And the pen you're using to write on them!!! Happy Fruday

    1. Thanks Alycia! With the red/black background a regular pen was out of the question so we used a chalkboard marker!

  2. So I loved your Christmas cards when I saw the front, but then I saw the back too...they are amazing!
    Also I flipped about that llama wrapping paper! NEED! I've never heard of Paper Source so I kind of doubt we have one here. Is buying wrapping paper online weird? Because I might have to.
    Love that tree skirt--and the picture of PJ laying on it!

    1. Thanks Mattie! These are probably one of our favorite Christmas cards that we've done. Also there was a fox paper there just as cute as the llama one that I think you would love! Also I totally tried to take a pic of the tree skirt without PJ in it to show its detail more but he is treating it like a dog bed and is always there