Saturday, February 6, 2016

Closet Raid

Today, I raided my husband's closet. With the cold and snowy weather, I was focused solely on comfort. And women's clothing doesn't always equate to being comfortable. It was natural for me to grab something from Tom's closet because I used to wear boys clothes all the time when I was little. No fru fru skirts or scratchy tights (that ripped every time you played) for me thank you very much. How's that for being a tomboy? These days, my wardrobe is filled with all the fancy dresses. But every once in a while, I want to skip the frill. Here's the outcome. 

This adventure hat is actually mine, but I found it in the Men's Section. But why should the boys get to have all the fun? I go on adventures too and now I've got the hat to prove it! 
Every woman is beautiful, regardless of what she's wearing. So I figured why not be super comfy? 

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  1. I always raid my husband's closet. Too bad none of mine fit him haha.