Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why Busting my Budget is a Good Thing

Hello Again. Sorry I've been MIA this past week. I had a minor surgery and recovery left no time for blogging. But all is well now and I'm back, so let's get down to the nitty gritty, which is to say that I've pretty much busted my clothing budget. But trust me, this is a good thing.
Why is this good you ask? Well, for one, I didn't buy a bunch of frivolous things that I don't need. That doesn't exactly answer the question, but keep reading and I promise you will understand. 

Everyday Clothes
When it comes to regular clothing, I kept things simple. I picked up these J Crew chambray shorts that I pretty much live in. And I cashed in some coupons at Old Navy that allowed me to scoop up a few things for nearly free. Also took advantage of a reward to finally pick up a pair of converse low-tops for walking around the city this summer. While I adore the white ones everyone has, I know better and went with the navy ones instead. That leaves me with a pair of shoes, shorts, a dress, and a tank for only $56. Not bad. 
Chambray Shorts: original $40 on sale for $15

Linen Dress: original $35 on sale for $25 + $20 off coupon = $5

Stripe Open Back Tank: original $17 on sale for $11

Converse Low-Tops: original $50 with $25 off coupon = $25

Adventure Wear
Here's where the budget busting comes into play. Last summer, we did this epic hike of a lifetime, but by the end, my feet were blistered and I had the worst case of chub rub. Seriously, my thighs were rubbed raw. All of that could have been avoided if I had been wearing the right clothes. So when we decided to go on a week long hiking trip out west this year, I decided to invest in the proper clothing.

Footwear: I needed water shoes and hiking boots for our trip. I already own a pair of teva water shoes, but dumb me has them packed away in storage, so I had to buy new ones.
Teva Tirra Sandal: original $80 on sale for $55

Ahnu Hiking Boots: original $165
I did a crap ton of research before settling on the Ahnu Montara Hiking Boot. I've only had them for 2 months, but I've already hiked 80 miles...everything from desert hiking to beach hiking with no sore feet.

Hiking Compression Socks: original $24 + 25% off = $18 x 2pairs = $36
And because you can't wear shoes without socks, I grabbed two pairs of wool hiking socks. It may seem crazy to spend $18 on a single pair of socks, but these kept my feet warm in the snow and dry in 90 degree heat.

Bottoms: Wanted to prevent last years chub rub situation so I grabbed two pairs of hiking shorts from Patagonia. The two styles I picked up are pretty much identical, but I like the fabric of the happy hiker shorts better.

Patagonia Happy Hiker 5'' Shorts: original $49 on sale for $23

Patagonia Quandry 5'' Shorts: original $49

Athleta Excursion Tight: original $79 on sale for $64
By far, my favorite purchase would be these excursion tights. Even though we were hiking in the desert, I never felt hot in these pants. They conform to your skin so it feels like you're wearing nothing. And lucky for me, they have specially sizing. It's hard enough finding regular clothes in petite sizes (#shortgirlproblems), but to find athletic wear in petite sizing was a gold mine. Best part of these pants is that the pockets are along the thigh, which can hold your iPhone. Basically, I can't stop raving about these pants to anyone that will listen, which is how I ended up with a second pair in heather-gray as a birthday gift.

Tops: I honestly didn't need to buy any athletic shirts, but I really really really wanted to see what all the fuss was about over at Lululemon. While the sculpt tank is extremely flattering to the belly area (my trouble spot), it's just ok and probably isn't worth it's price tag. But the sport tee is the best shirt I've ever owned. I would easily pay double for it. I've already decided to buy another one, just trying to decide on the color.

Lululemon Sport Tee: original $58

Lululemon Sculpt Tank: original $58  

Total: $564 

Yikes! That's a big number. At the same time, I feel pretty good about it because the majority of that is an investment in clothes that allow me to be more active. Having spent that much made me go out of my way to get moving, which explains how I've managed to lose 10 pounds this month. I feel like these clothes have literally made me healthier and that's why it's a good thing that I bust my budget.

Budget for the Year: $1750 
May/June Spending: $564
remaining for the year: $735

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  1. Thanks for sharing the hiking gear you bought! I think it's definitely worth the money, because your health is important. I also bought a bunch of stuff this month for a new outdoor hobby, but I didn't think to include it in my monthly budget!