Sunday, October 14, 2018

what to wear in Cuba

When your outfit matches the scenery, you have to pose for a photo right? And when you're in Havana---a city full of the most colorful backdrops-there's a lot of posing going on. 

Since I inadvertently snapped so many outfit of the day worthy photos, I thought I would share what I wore and feature my tips for packing for Havana Cuba. 

Pocket Tee // Maxi Skirt-old //

Don’t Skimp on the Sun Protection  
You will notice that in every photo above I'm either wearing a hat or sunglasses or both. The hat especially was a lifesaver for keeping the sun at bay. I also made sure to alternate my clothes to limit sun exposure. So if I had my shoulders out one day, I would wear something that completely covered them the next day-all in an effort to protect my overly sensitive skin. And the one morning that I skipped sunscreen-it was evident that I had a major tan line within minutes of being outside. So don't skimp on the sun-protection, you will need it. 

Think Loose & Flowy 
No matter what time of the year you visit, Cuba is hot. Like humid stifling heat that makes you wonder how a place can be so unbearable, yet so unfathomably beautiful all at once. Since there are few air conditioned sanctuaries to be found, dressing to keep cool is essential. Loose fitting garments that don't stick to your skin and allow for you to enjoy a breeze are best. I wore lots of flowy skirts and dresses while we were in Cuba. But without a doubt, my favorite item in my suitcase were these breathable linen pants

Pack Extra Everything 
I'm normally very much an advocate of packing light. But we found that it wasn't uncommon for us to do a wardrobe change in the middle of the day. Nothing like a cold shower to cool you off and then getting dressed all over again to go back out and explore. So I'm thankful that I had packed extra on this trip. My main strategy was to bring along a fun skirt or pair of shorts, then pack my favorite tee shirts that could be interchanged with it. 

Be Mindful of your Undergarments 
Not to be crass, but I am a bit top heavy so a bra can quickly become this awful contraption that traps heat, makes me sweat, and is just all around uncomfortable. So dresses and shirts with built-in shelves were my best friend with going sans bra as much as possible during this trip. I also loved these for maintaining modesty. 

Go Colorful 
Packing and dressing for Cuba was just downright fun! I packed the most colorful clothing to wear in Cuba. Instead of it standing out, it all blended in because the streets of Havana are covered in so many vibrant hues. Here is the place to go all out and wear the crazy prints and patterns. 

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