Monday, June 3, 2019

Gators in Gainesville

Back from Gainesville Florida with a trip to visit my little sister. This was the most impromptu and spontaneous road trip and I love that I had the option to do this.
While I was in grad school, I missed out on so many special family moments...birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. But something that I really hate having missed was moving my little sister into college. I remember giving this girl baths and reading her stories, and it hurt my heart that I couldn't be there to see her get started off in college. Since I have quite a bit more free time these days, I made it a point to head down for a visit. On a whim, Tom and I packed up the car, grabbed the pup, and made the 10+ hour drive down to Florida all in one day. 

Our first morning there, we had the best experience. 
 We drove to nearby Crystal River Florida and did a kayaking and snorkeling tour. 
 more details here, including a video kayaking alongside manatees 
After kayaking, we went out or the most amazing lunch with the best local seafood that included conch, grouper fish, alligator, shrimp, and jimmies (blue crabs) 
Then we all agreed that we were already spent for the day. Tom and I headed back to our hotel. 
We stayed at the prettiest Hotel Indigo in Gainesville and had the best intentions of hanging out by the gardens and pool, but instead passed out for a 4 hour nap. 
Up from our nap, we grabbed a quick BBQ dinner at the Southern Chain of 4 Rivers Smokehouse, then headed to Swamp Head Brewery to sample some local beer. 
The next morning, we joined my sister once again and she gave us a tour of her campus, showing us all the best stops.  
Glad that we had the chance to see how well she is thriving here and take our out to one last lunch before we left.

Off to South Carolina for a quick stop on the way home. 

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