Wednesday, March 5, 2014

California Dreamin

I had mentioned in my February Clothing Budget that I allocated the money from my "no-buy" month to my travel fund and I also promised a post about it so here goes. Because husband and I live so far away, a visit to see each other necessitates a plane ride. Therefore, we have a general travel fund to cover these expenses throughout the year. Additionally, I love to travel and experiencing these new things with my husband makes them extra special. I know that it would be easier to wait until we were both finished with school to travel, but I find when you view big goals like seeing the world or running that marathon as unattainable things that won't happen until the far off future, they never seem to happen in the present.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Punta Cana Dominican Republic
For a while husband and I had been saving for graduate school so we stopped going places or even going out much and I think that it made us miserable. After our wedding, we went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, which was of course amazing. It also reminded me of how traveling together is one of the best ways to maximize the precious little time that we share together. So as soon as we returned from our December honeymoon, we began saving for California. California had been on our possible honeymoon destination list and for some reason, it was the hardest to let go of. Probably because of the beautiful National Parks like Yosemite or the Sequoia & Kings Canyon, the beautiful weather, and the unique subculture. We made the first big step this past week towards traveling to California by purchasing our plane tickets. Driving would take a whooping 40hrs which is so not happening. We knew that flights would be one of the big cost items for this trip so the sooner we could book them the better. I will make regular posts about the planning for our trip as we go along.

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