Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mixing it Up

Today is my last day in Boston so I am trying to enjoy every last bit of it before I have to return back to my normal schedule. I also figured that I may as well take advantage of the cold and wear these tights. I have been trying to style them all winter. With such a bold bright pattern, they needed to be the focal piece of the ensemble so I paired it with the neutrals of white, black, and gray. I love the pop of color the tights add and the bonus of mixing the patterned tights with the textured shorts. 

Sweater: J Crew Factory
Shorts: Jun & Ivy Daisy Crocheted
Tights: Hue
Headband: American Eagle

Had to include these adorable shots of PJ, he is obsessed with these kinds of balls. Completely oversized for him, which makes them that much more gratifying to play with. Of course he always ends of popping them in the end, but that's what makes them so fun.

BearTrap Pearce Boot 

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