Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunny Disposition?

I often use my wardrobe to express how I'm feeling. In this case, I'm using it to express how I want to feel. This has just overall been a rough week for me. With a neuro exam, a practical, and multiple quizzes I'm just feeling really run down. I didn't bother posting a Work-It-Out Wednesday yesterday because my exercising was almost non-existent this past week and I'm not motivated. I need to get myself out of this rut and nothing says cheer up quite like a pair of yellow pants.

Blouse: Ann Taylor Outlet
Pants: J Crew F. Skimmer Pant in Bright Sun
Blazer: Talbots Canvas
Necklace: J Crew F. Bead & Crystal in Summer Lime

Also, I wasn't kidding when I made this post last week and the arrival of these new shoes is really helping to brighten up my day. I originally wanted to Alvins which don't have the metallic face at the tip of the shoe. I just thought that having gold on these might limit the jewelry that I could wear but then I decided hey you are already buying leopard print shoes (out of my comfort zone), why not get the shiny ones. So very glad I choose these instead.

Sam Edelman Astor in New Nude Leopard 


  1. This is such a happy outfit! the polka dots and yellow is adorable :-)

    1. Thanks Ele-it definitely did the trick and cheered me up