Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work-It-Out Wednesday

When I started this blog in January I originally created a Health and Fitness Page in order to make myself more accountable for regular workouts, but all I really did was pretend as if the page didn't exist. I have been very good at living in denial, but it has been long enough that I can't continue to ignore the page or my reasoning for creating it so welcome to the first official work-it-out Wednesday. Because we normally have a test every Wednesday, it has come to represent the end of the week for me more so than a Friday would. So every Wednesday I am going to make an effort to report what I did each week to stay active and how I am advancing towards my fitness goals.

Eventually, I will be the person in the gym running several miles-you know instead of being the person who spent 30 minutes matching their work out gear and spent more time posing for photos and texting then actual sweating.

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