Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not a Beauty Guru

I am a terrible blogger because I have been hinting at doing a beauty haul for a while now, but never actually got around to doing reason being that every time I sat down to do the haul I realized that there was something I needed and wanted to wait so that I could include it. I may go months at a time without purchasing anything beauty related and then I find myself picking up multiple items in a short time span. The items I'm going to show/review are things that I purchased over the past few months and even then there is still a lot. So you have been warned..this is a lengthy post.

I am no beauty guru as I probably go without make-up more than I wear it, but I do still consider myself fairly girly. I tend to buy higher end beauty products, more so out of necessity as opposed to want because I have extremely sensitive skin. My skin and especially my face do not tolerate harsh conditions which includes most drugstore brand products.

Philosophie Purity Facial Cleanser: I bought this cleanser mainly for use as a make-up remover. In the past I used prepackaged wipes, but found that most of the wipes dry out before you finish the package so it turns out to be a waste. The Purity is definitely pricey ( ~$20 for 8oz), but a small dab is enough to completely melt all of my make-up away. It is fragrance free which means less irritation and has a fresh scent. Even though it is approved for sensitive skin, I think that it is a little harsh for me to use as a regular cleanser so I only use this at night and stick to my Cetaphil cleanser for the morning. Regardless, it works really well for me and I will probably purchase this again.

Urban Decay Naked BB Cream: Cannot say enough positive things about the moisturizing quality of this product. With SPF 20, it is meant to hydrate, firm, even out your skin tone, and act as a make-up primer.  I have noticed drastic differences in my skin since I started using this so after I finished up the sample that I had, I knew that I would be purchasing this in a full sized package. I use this product as a daily facial moisturizer regardless of whether I am wearing make-up or not.

Hair: As an African American, hair maintenance is a bit involved. While life would be simpler if I could pick up an $8 bottle of Pantene Pro-V, my hair would probably fall out if I did that. It can be difficult to find hair products that will work for me because my hair texture is dryer and coarser. Typically, it only gets washed once a week but when husband and I were in the DR for our honeymoon it needed to be washed daily after being in the ocean. I had a sample of Ojon oil and conditioner that had been sitting around for months so I thought why not try it and packed it. Even with the constant hair washing, the Ojon oil brought my hair back to life and the scent is incredible. Now I can't live without it, so when Ulta had 20% off everything sale, I stocked up and bought a large size shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. This supply should last me a few months.

Also, as I mentioned before my hair straightener of five years finally died on me so I picked up the Ultra Chi in Vivid Pink.  These are currently marked down from $120 to $90 at Ulta and I would recommend it. The best part is that it heats up within seconds and I am sure that it is a lot helathier for my hair then my old one was.

Make-up: I am fortunate to have thin eyebrows, but sometimes I want a more defined brow for a dramatic look. I picked up this Anastasia Stater's Kit. I do love the brow gel and spooly brush for long lasting wear, but I don't think that I would recommend this. This product was actually free for me because I used rewards points and while I am enjoying it I don't think that this kit is worth the $30+ price tag.

Nails: I have been alternating between a Sally Hansen duo and a Rimmel London duo for a base coat/top coat and I hate them both equally. I have heard nothing but good reviews about SecheVite so I picked up the top coat and the base coat. Hopefully, it performs as expected. Of course I couldn't resist getting some new Spring colors and it should be no surprise that they are bold and bright.

      China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin  Essie Blanc  Essie Hide & Go Chic  China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

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