Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Work-It-Out Wednesday: Getting Started

So this week was the first week in my pledge to get back into shape, not only to look better but to feel better and have more energy. I find that I normally have trouble with motivating myself to get going so I have all kinds of systems in place to help me get started. One of the best ways to do so is with an inspirational quote. Here is one that I found on Pinterest that I am loving right now. And of course this can apply to all aspects of life-not just fitness. 

I think that my first fitness goal is going to be to develop some consistency and then work on endurance. When I have an especially busy school week and I'm tired, working out has always seemed to be the easiest thing to forgo. I felt that it wasn't as essential as studying or getting more sleep. So I gradually went from working out regularly to not working out at all. I have to get out of that rut because being fit and staying active is one of the best things that you can do to take care of yourself. I also have to remember that working out will actually help me to be less tired in the long run. Now, I just need to focus on making this apart of my regular routine. Here is how I did this past week: 

Walked 2 miles 

Walked 1 mile 
1 mile Jog

Walked 1.1 miles 
 Jogged 0.6 miles  
Elliptical 1 mile 

Walked 2 miles 
Elliptical 0.6 miles

I didn't follow any kind of exercise plan, which is why the whole week consists of cardio. I just decided to do the exercises that felt most comfortable to me at the time. My goal for this week was to just focus on actually going to the gym. Also please bare with me as I figure out the best way to display my workouts on this blog. 

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