Monday, March 24, 2014

Back to the Grind

Well the break is over. As usual it started out with the best intentions of studying the entire time and that just didn't happen. It is so hard to go from having class from 8am-5pm and studying or practicing in lab nonstop to suddenly having time to yourself. It is just impossibly hard to force myself to do too much studying during breaks. I always feel really guilty about it later but it was worth it to relax and catch-up with my husband. Now, that reality has set in I have my work cut out for me.

Tomorrow I have a periodontal skills assessment. For those who don't know what periodontology is, simply put it's a specialty of dentistry that focuses specifically of maintaining the oral health of the supporting tooth structures like the gums and bone. This will actually be our first skills assessment and it is one that is associated with a high failure rate in the previous classes. I'm actually extremely confident in my ability to perform the necessary task, but I'm more so concerned about keeping my anxiety in check. I have been practicing and met with the professor individually just to ensure that I am doing everything correctly, but I'm nervous about being watched. And as I have to be seated for the exam and the professor will be standing above me-it will be a very intimidating position to be in.

Also, we have our regular exam this week, this time in neurology. Definitely an area that I'm not a fan of.

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