Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Inspiration for our Trip to CA

The feature article for the December 2012 National Geographic was on "The World's Largest Trees". The article focused on General Sherman and The President, which are giant sequoia trees and ranked the largest in the world. To me the sequoias are beautiful with their rust colored bark and outstretched branches. It is especially amazing that they have been able to survive for thousands of years through harsh winters and fires. With such an awe inspiring natural wonder just a plane ride away, we couldn't help but want to see it. 

National Geographic: Climbing The President

We have made some great headway in planning for this vacation. Since I was off this past week, I took some time to do more research as this trip will be all about seeing as much as we can while we're there. 
We have locked down a schedule and will be balancing our time between the Sequoia National Park, areas of The Big Sur, and San Francisco so I think that this trip is going to be a good balance of hiking/nature trails and seeing museums. Also, narrowing down a schedule made it possible to start booking our accommodations, most of which we have arranged. Big Sigh of relief because we will be doing some camping and in the peak months of the summer, campsites go fast. 

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