Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Budget

1. Banana Republic Petite Floral Necklace $35 Original $60
Is it just me or do all statement necklaces have a gold tone? This is more than I would have liked to pay, but I was just so excited to have a statement piece in silver.

2. Gap 1969 Bleached Western Shirt  $24 Original: $59.95 Worn here
Thinking that chambray would be a trendy piece for me, I purchased an inexpensive version from Old Navy a year ago. I had no idea how much it would become a go to shirt. So excited to have a nicer quality chambray in a different wash.

3. Banana Republic Leather Bow Bracelet $8.38 Original $29.50

4. Banana Republic Giraffe Bracelet in Ivory $23
 Original $39.50 Worn here

Can you tell that I like cardigans? 

5. Gap Luxlight Cardigan in New Pale Lemon $17.53 Original: $44.95 Worn here

 J Crew Factory Always Cardigan in Ivory $15.60 Original: $39.50
Not pictured

 J Crew Factory Always Cardigan in Heather Graphite  $15.60 Original: $39.50
Not pictured, but Worn here

C Wonder Canvas Sparkle Mini Easy Tote $50.80 
Paid: $40.80 + $10 for monogram Original: $68
Not Pictured, but Worn here

I am 100% in love with all of the pieces that I picked up, but my favorites are definitely the Lilly Pulitzer items. As an advocate of bright colors, bold patterns, and unique textures, it should come to no surprise that I am a huge fan of all things Lilly. Well everything except the price point. While I love her clothes, it is just not practical for me to buy them on my current student budget. Thus, I normally only purchase Lilly items during the bi-annual sales when everything is officially out of season and 50%+ off. However, I stumbled upon a Lilly store by complete accident and they were having a sale. Here is what I got:

6.  Lilly Pulitzer Delray Tunic in Resort White Bungle in the Jungle $118  Original: $158
This really wasn't on sale by that much (25%), but I have been thinking about investing in a Lilly tunic or Elsa top for well over a year now and decided to take the plunge. The delray top has better reviews in terms of fit compared the the Elsa, but they look exactly the same.

7. Lilly Pulitzer Terrance Top in Metallic Scallop Jacquard $48.80 Original: $198
That made this top 75% off
When I first saw it, a little voice in the back of my head told me that the fake diamond beading placed it  just on the other side of gaudy, but I could barely hear that little voice because the rest of me was screaming OMG must have that now. I've already got a special occasion planned for this one.

Total: $356.71 Yikes! So much for trimming down this month. I actually made money from clothing sales, which I thought about deducting from this total, but then I decided that counting that into this would be cheating. Gift cards or bonus points are one thing, but directly adding in extra money felt wrong (even if it was gained from selling old clothes). I set a budget for the year and I intend to keep it so instead I pocketed the extra cash away for my travel fund.

$1650 (Year) - $171(Jan.) - $0 (Feb) - $232(March) - $357(April) = $890 remaining for the year

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  1. I got a lot of cardigans this month too, including the luxlight one. It's so soft! Great picks!

    1. Yes the luxlight cardigan is amazing. I love how fitted it is and totally comfy. Added bonus, they are on sale by even more now. I just picked one up in Navy (it will be in my May budget post for around ~$10)

  2. I have heard nothing but good things about Lily pieces so even though they may have been a little expensive, you'll have them forever and ever :)

  3. that Lily blouse is gorgeous! not gaudy at all ;)

  4. I have definitely been adding what I've made from selling clothes to my budget, but I need to stop doing that! It just causes me to spend way more than I intended to on clothes, haha!

    Katie | Style Diary

    1. It is so tempting, I literally went back and forth with that decision so many times. I just had to remind myself that the reason I set a budget for the year was to control my spending. Plus it doesn't hurt that the money I made from sales are going towards my summer vacations