Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five

Hello All! Sorry for my lack of posts as of late, but this week I was finishing some things up. I am now officially finished with the first year of dental school. And now that, that is over I have so much to share. But for today here are just a few little snippets of some of my highlights from this week. So in no particular order....

1. The Golden State: We leave this weekend for an entire week in beautiful California. I have been looking forward to this trip for months, I just can't believe that it's finally here. We are taking complete advantage of my week off from school to take a second honeymoon and celebrate our first year of marriage. Our actual anniversary isn't until the end of September, but with my schedule the way it is, I don't know that we will be able to spend a whole lot of time together then. Thus, we are celebrating early. 

2. Kate Spade: I try not to be a brand snob, but when it comes to handbags I prefer quality pieces from higher end brands. A Kate Spade bag has been on my wish list for quite some time now. Finally, just the right bag has come my way and at the right price too. You can expect to see a full review within the next few days. 

3. Spending my evenings with these guys... Because Hubby and I don't get to be together year round, I'm especially thankful for quiet evenings together.  

4. Pampering Myself... I kicked off my school break with some mani/pedi action. It's something that is so simple, yet so relaxing. I can't remember when I last had a chance to pamper myself in this way so it was an especially great treat.  

5. Gifting Friends: Anyone who knows me well is all to aware of my fondness for gift giving. There doesn't even have to be an occasion for it, giving gifts is just my way of expressing that I care for someone and I love seeing peoples reactions. So with some of my upperclassmen friends taking the first part of the National Boards this past week, I decided to give them a little pick me up. 

I made a dental inspired card and sugar cookies (shaped like teeth) for each of them. Then I tossed in a Starbucks gift card. Just a little sugar boost to help them to keep studying. 


  1. love that you have a fondness for gift giving :) that is the best quality! i am the same ... i think it's my love language, for both giving and receiving!


  2. As in the five love languages? Mine is definitely gift giving and then it's a tie between acts of service and quality time