Friday, August 22, 2014

Kate Spade in Review

I realized in January that a little extra incentive would be needed to keep me focused during the remainder of the school year. As handbags are a constant desire, but a rare purchase for me, I knew that a new purse would be the perfect reward. I decided that this would be separate from my yearly clothing budget, so I started setting a little aside here and there. For a while, I thought that I might purchase another Michael Kors bag, but as time went on I decided to buy my first Kate Spade Bag. So imagine my delight when I received this email during my last week of school...

    How perfect? It's like the cosmos wanted me to have a Kate Spade purse. 

The Specs: 
Height: 9.8''h x 11.5''x 4.9''d 
Material: Nylon with Leather Trim 
Hardware: 14k Plated Gold 

Most of my handbags are a structured leather, so I wanted to add something a bit more casual to my closet. I decided to go with the Kate Spade Union Square Maise handbag in Navy. And I'm in love with the Nylon material. Although, leather bags are still my preference, I'm glad to have something different. So happy to be adding this neutral bag to my wardrobe. 

My favorite part about the bag is how well it works as both a crossbody and a carry bag. I love crossbody's for hands free busy days, but this beauty will also look perfect hanging on my arm. The sale bumped this down from $278 to $129. Much less than what I'd saved for a new handbag, so I decided to grab the Double Bow Hinge Bangle in gold while I was at it. Such a classic piece. 

Additionally, I was gifted the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Curtis handbag in Gracie Blue. I mean really, how perfect is this color? A gorgeous muted blue that makes enough of a statement to stand out, without being overly bright or attention grabbing. 

Just like the Navy bag, this is a little out of my comfort zone. Although this bag is leather, it's not a fully structured bag. The bottom is stiff enough to help maintain the shape, but the rest of the bag gives little resistance. It will be an adjustment for me, but I have to say that I'm more than happy to make it. 

The Specs: 
Height: 8.66''h x 9.84''w x 5''d 
Material: Soft Cobbled Leather 
Hardware: 14k Light Gold Plated

And since I'm talking about handbags, below are some of the essentials that are always in my purse. 
1. IPhone 5S// 2. Pencil Case// 3. Vera Bradley Card Holder// 
4. Anne Klein Wallet// 5. Toiletries Bag// 6. Glasses 

The unlabeled items in the back, all get tucked away into #5
 Friction Block (great for heels!)// Floss (best ever)// HandCream// 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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